Periodic Opportunities

Sites can also participate in periodic opportunities to start.

Youth Ambassadors

Promote positive school culture and inspire your peers to get engaged.

Educator Ambassadors

Bring ENGAGE to your classroom or after school program.

One Boston Youth Action

In memory of One Boston Day, the anniversary of the Boston marathon bombings and a city-wide day of action, ENGAGE launched monthly city-wide campaigns. All schools and youth organizations in the city are asked to spend 30 minutes discussing the campaign’s theme and taking action to represent the theme. We had our first campaign in April with 15,000 youth celebrating the theme of Resiliency. Our campaigns will start again in September. More to come!



A recent student ambassador created a campaign to eliminate achievement pressure and another designed a youth-run library in a homeless shelter.

Special Initiatives

Participatory Pokemon

Participatory Pokémon GO

In a first-of-it’s-kind partnership, ENGAGE Boston is working with Emerson College’s Engagement Lab, Niantic (the creators of Pokémon GO), and the city of Boston to engage youth in civic life through the most popular smartphone game of all time. Over 100 PokéStops (game locations) this summer are at stake for students to allocate where they see fit! Youth will be asked to go through the process of neighborhood exploration, identifying locations of personal or cultural import to select a location. Students will then create and submit a 60 second video advocating for their location. In early Fall 2017, a youth delegation will decide which stops are permanently added to the game.

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East Boston Youth Initiative

East Boston Youth Initiative

Our East Boston Youth Initiative is focused on supporting the social-emotional and civic success of 6-9th grade students in the neighborhood, an age when social development is so critical and risky youth behavior skyrockets. 1) We are working to ensure all youth are connected to opportunities in and out of school that provide space for leadership and service. 2) We are facilitating risky behavior (gang involvement, drug abuse, depression) education for teachers, parents, and youth around noticing signs of concerning behavior and identifying trusted support systems.



A recent educator ambassador had her students write memoirs and histories for the immigrant community to practice language, writing, and history skills in her class.