A Greater Boston area held together by strong communities led by confident, connected, and contributing young people.

The Challenge

Youth Engagement is currently both limited and superficial!

Limited Opportunities
  • Civics and experiential learning are the first to with budget cuts and the increasing focus on state/federal standards.
  • The same, small group of 10 is consistently called upon to lead.
  • We do not have enough youth volunteer opportunities.
  • Quality and exciting youth development (social emotional learning) just isn't offered for many.
Superficial Engagement
  • Service has become a transactional check-the-box opportunity.
  • Diversity education has become stilted to half-day programs.
  • Civics is stale.

The ENGAGE Approach

We believe that every young person deserves to grow up aware of self, others, and world so that they can take positive action. Our unique take brings this work into the school, after school, and home domain focused on making engagement cool, necessary, and something youth just do.

To reach every young person in the Greater Boston Area (fully fulfilling our mission) — we take on the role of training and providing resources for educators, youth workers, parents, and peer leaders so they can engage their youth in this work.

What is Engagement? We define it with six key ingredients or competencies we want youth to master by age 18.

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Exploration of Self, Others + World​
Youth develop an initial understanding of who they are, who exists around them, and the greater context of society.
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Leadership Development
Every young person becomes and is considered a leader, not just those same ten that are constantly called upon.
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Cultural Humility
Youth build a space to develop and celebrate their unique identity and grow tools to develop their sense of empathy and understanding of difference.
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Engaged Learning
Teachers connect academic classes to the world that students interface daily, giving students an understanding of how they can use school outside of the building - a return to our true purpose for education.
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Community Building
Youth build flair to find, join, and build value-based community.
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Civic/Service Action
Youth empower one another to take action in policy, building social awareness, and creating needs-aligned, youth-asset based community partnerships.


We work with 100 sites through three channels.

Model Communities of Engagement

Model Communities

(10 Sites) Building exemplary school communities of engagement. .
Coaching Partnerships

Coaching Partnerships

(40 Sites) Coaching dozens of youth communities or entire organizations. .
Movement Building

Movement Building

Entry level engagement and special initiatives. .

Why Engagement?

  •   Engaging youth in their communities and in civic life is essential in building connected, active, educated, upwardly-mobile, and healthy communities.
  •   Youth engagement directly affects school culture and social emotional development.
  •   Youth engagement is directly correlated to academic interest (influencing attendance and dropout rate), in addition to academic performance in school and on high-stakes tests.